Student Testimonial

My City by Mohammed, Saudi Arabia, Level 4

I was very excited to study and complete my major in America. I think I came to the right city and to the right university. Before I came to Kentucky I didn’t know about this state at all I had never heard about it. My friends asked me some questions about my studying trip to the USA and they asked me about the city I going to. When I answered that I was going to Kentucky my friends started laughing at me. They thought I was joking, but I was serous. I said that I didn’t say a joke and that I was going to Kentucky to study and complete my major.

I came from the big city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, so I didn’t think that I would like to live in small towns and that Lexington was really small and there was nothing to do in it. However, the University of Kentucky is awesome and one of the best in USA. I like Lexington and I hope I complete my studies here. One of the best things about Lexington is that it has nice, friendly, and helpful people. Lexington is a nice place to stay and live in. I like the Kentucky basketball fans here. They are really crazy fans they love their team so much. I have made good relationships and good friends from different countries and different states in America. The people here are very nice and friendly. They want to help you when you need it, not like the big cities.

I live on an American campus and I am really enjoying my time living there. They have activities all the time. The restaurants in Lexington are very nice, especially the Arabic restaurants. They are really good and everyone should try them. Although, my favorite restaurant in Lexington is Olive Garden, the Italian restaurant. Lexington is very nice town to study and to live I really like it, I recommend to other students to study and work hard here in Lexington, Kentucky!

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