Student Testimonial

My First Snowfall by Liliana, Ecuador, Level 6

I never imagined that one day I would see how the snow settles on the ground.  Since I was a child, I always dreamed how the snow would be, how the weather is in those countries with four different annual seasons. Some years later, I have had this opportunity to try out my childhood dreams.

This dream begun a few months ago.  The first step was to apply for the scholarship, then I had to take a placement test, after having an interview.  My heart was beating when I received the good news.  I was awarded with a full scholarship to study in the United States.  I was so excited but at the same time a little worried, since I didn´t know if I could get used to the cold weather.

For almost two weeks, since I have been here, I was desiring to have a snowball.  I have had experimented weather under cero degrees (0o).  Ecuador, my country also has cold weather, but Lexington is too cold.  Thus,  I have been frozen like an ice-cream; anyway, I have been enjoying each minute in this beautiful city.  Another amazing thing that I have could notice about the weather is how the sunrise is.  It is so bright or it could also be so dark sometimes.    When the sun is shining since five a.m, the day is little warmer, but when the sunrise is dark, all the day become cold.

The most expecting day came. On Friday began to snowfall. I could see how small pieces of snow were settling on the ground. After some hours, the city was covered by a beautiful mantle of snow. That night some people was playing with snow balls, making a snowman, or simply resting in their houses.

On Saturday morning, I could be awake with a warm and shiny sun. It looked like some sparkles on the snow. I felt exciting when I looked out from the window, and I realized that the city looked like a Christmas postal. All the soil, the houses´ roof and the trees were wearing with a radiant and white snow. The university campus was so white too. I was so admired like a little girl. My eyes were so wide open and my soul so blessed. A friend took some peers in her car, and brought us to the parking lot near the POT Building. We were sledding for almost one hour. It was exciting.

How is the snow? It’s like cotton balls, soft and cold. If you put a small amount in your hand, and throw it into the air, it looks like little stars touching your face, except when you make a snowball, it is like a rock so you have to be careful if somebody wants to start a snowball fight!

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