Student Testimonial

My Experience in the Intercambios by Silvia, Level 6

My name is Silvana Jaramillo. I am Ecuadorian studying in the Center for English as a Second Language. I arrived in the United States with a huge goal: to improve my English through knowing American culture. I had been here in Lexington for 3 months, and I realized that I had learned a lot things. However, I didn’t expect to share my native language and culture with American people too. It was surprising for me to have the opportunity to teach Spanish and learn English at the same time.

Being part of the Intercambios Club lets me grow as a professional as well as a person. I have the privilege to meet wonderful people and share experiences with them. Every Tuesday, we meet in POT 1645 at 1pm, and we talk in both languages (English-Spanish). We learn idioms, phrases and expression that maybe we are not going to learn in class. I enjoy going to Intercambios Club, because every time I go there I learn new things and have fun, so I don’t want to miss any class. Thanks a lot to Mrs. Lina Crocker for creating this club and also to my dear American friends for attending the club and sharing your experiences with me.   

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