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CESL Conversation Partners

What is it?
CESL Conversation Partners is a new initiative by the Center for English as a Second Language to pair current University of Kentucky students with international students who would like more practice with English. Our vision is that of a reciprocal relationship, in which current UK students who are studying a language have the opportunity to practice their language of study with a native speaker as well as provide an opportunity for the native speaker to practice English.

Not interested in practicing your language of study or aren’t currently studying a language, but still want a chance to converse with international students? That’s great! We welcome all UK students who want to build friendships with international students. In this case, just sign up and we will pair you with a student who wants more practice with English.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the CESL Conversation Partners Coordinator,
What to Expect?
Once you have signed up for a conversation partner, you will receive a confirmation email. We will then begin pairing students. Once we paired you with a student, you will both receive an email from our department welcoming you and introducing you to each other. From there, you and your partner are in charge of arranging times to meet and converse, as well as exchanging any additional contact information. Please see our link below for suggested conversation topics.

For those conversation partners practicing two languages (English and the UK student’s language of study), then we suggest a one-hour time block, in which 30 minutes is spent practicing English and 30 minutes is spent practicing the UK student’s language of study.

We encourage students to meet each other on campus or in another public setting, for the safety and comfort of both parties.
Suggested Topics
We are currently compiling a list of suggested topics. Check back soon!
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