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07|31|15 - CESL Trip to Fort Harrod and Shakertown - Amongst of all the CESL students, Saudi and Brazilian students were especially fascinated with the guns displayed, while female students enjoyed all the crafts at Shakertown! - more...
07|10|15 - CESL Visits Berea Craft Festival - The group visited different student workshops and learned from regional experts about different musical instruments like the dulcimer as well as Appalachian music in general. - more...
07|01|15 - CESL Visits the Cincinnati Zoo - Lina Crocker, Senior Lecturer at the Center for English as a Second Language, and her husband led a group of 40 CESL students on a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. The visit was a special experience for the students, many of whom had not previously been to a zoo. - more...
04|28|15 - CESL Students Attend the Taste of Africa - On April 18, 2015 over 100 CESL students enjoyed the Taste of Africa event at UK’s Worsham Theatre. The event cost $10 to attend, and proceeds went to provide insurance for children with HIV/AIDS via the Ten Per Kid Project. - more...
04|28|15 - CESL Language Tables - CESL currently offers two language tables to help benefit the educational development of our students while simultaneously supporting the foreign language students at UK. Mrs. Lina Crocker started these events to help students, and she continues to lead them each semester in the Patterson Office Tower. - more...
04|28|15 - Music Night at the Crocker's - Several CESL students joined Mrs. Lina Crocker to enjoy a night of music at her family home, offering them a chance to show off their musical skills on a variety of instruments provided by the Crockers, such as guitars, dulcimers, and a piano, as well as lending the students the opportunity to bring their own. - more...
04|16|15 - CESL Visits Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace and My Old Kentucky Home Park - On Wednesday, April 8, 2015 Mrs. Lina Crocker and Miss Julia Diez took several students to visit Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace and My Old Kentucky Home State Park. This is one of many opportunities for students to take a day-long trip with CESL Faculty. - more...
04|09|15 - CESL's Spring Break Trip to Cincinnati - On March 18, 2015 Mrs. Lina Crocker took several CESL students on a trip to Cincinnati. They were joined by faculty member Ms. Roshan Nikou. - more...
04|09|15 - CESL Visits Kentucky's Capitol - On February 11, 2015, Mrs. Lina Crocker was joined by several students and faculty on a trip to visit Kentucky’s state capital: Frankfort. - more...
03|11|15 - CESL Trip to the Muhammad Ali Center - On Wednesday, March 4th Ms. Lina Crocker took several students on an organized field trip to the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY. - more...
UK 101 Partnership @ Blazer Hall rm 237
Arabic Tables @ 1045 Patterson Office Tower
10/19/15 to 10/23/15
Continuing Student Break
First Day of Fall II Session @ 1673 POT
UK 101 Partnership @ TBD
UK 101 Partnership @ Blazer Hall 237
UK 101 Partnership @ Chemistry Physics rm 357
Trip to Kentucky Horse Park @ TBD
11/25/15 to 11/27/15
Thanksgiving Holiday (NO CLASSES)
Institutional TOEFL
Last Day of Fall II Session
12/19/15 to 01/19/16
Continuing Student Break
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