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Undergraduate EAP Courses

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A&S 100-001 - Reading and Writing for Academic Purposes

This course cultivates skills to improve academic reading and writing performance for non-native speakers of English enrolled in American university classes.  This course is designed to raise students’ reading and writing skills so they can participate in academic settings with competencies similar to their native-speaker peers.

Student Learning Outcomes

By the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. comprehend academic vocabulary, academic texts, and various forms of assessment from exams, exercises, and reports,
  2. synthesize, quote, summarize and paraphrase academic texts using correct documentation style sheets,
  3. organize, develop, revise, and edit during essay exams,
  4. practice and demonstrate effective group interaction skills as they apply to written and oral communication in academic settings.
  5. produce academic texts using the writing process and write substantial in-class texts during essay exams and drafting sessions,
  6. apply UK specific resources like the writing center, Blackboard and other aids,
  7. revise proficiently improving style, proofreading and editing,
  8. write reviews, reports, proposals, persuasive essays and essay exams with similar competencies to native speaker peers.


Who is required to take this course?

International students who do not meet minimum college-readiness standards in Reading OR Writing  are required to take A&S 100-001.


Who is recommended to take this course?

All Non-native English speakers will take the Accuplacer ESL assessment.  Each subject area has two assessments:


  • Reading Skills (20 multiple choice questions): Measures the student's English ability through comprehension of short passages
    • Range: 20-120
    • Advising Profile Placement Score Code: ACESLR
  • Sentence Meaning  (20 multiple choice questions):  Measures how well students understand the meaning of sentences in English
    • Range: 20-120
    • Advising Profile Placement Score Code: ACESLS
  • If a student's Reading and Sentence Meaning average score is below 106, A&S 100-001 is recommended.


  • Language Use (20 multiple choice questions): Measures the student's proficiency in using correct grammar in English sentences
    • Range: 20-120
    • Advising Profile Placement Score Code: ACESLL
  • WritePlacer (Open-Ended Essay): Measures the student's ability to write effectively, which is critical to academic success; scores are based on the student's ability to express, organize, and support thier opinions and ideas.
    • Range: 1-6
    • Advising Profile Placement Score Code: ACESLW
  • If a student's Language Use score is below 106 and/or WritePlacer score is below 6, A&S 100-001 is recommended.