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Student Testimonial

My Experience in the Intercambios by Silvia, Level 6

My name is Silvana Jaramillo. I am Ecuadorian studying in the Center for English as a Second Language. I arrived in the United States with a huge goal: to improve my English through knowing American culture. I had been here in Lexington for 3 months, and I realized that I had learned a lot things. However, I didn’t expect to share my native language and culture with American people too. It was surprising for me to have the opportunity to teach Spanish and learn English at the same time.

Being part of the Intercambios Club lets me grow as a professional as well as a person. I have the privilege to meet wonderful people and share experiences with them. Every Tuesday, we meet in POT 1645 at 1pm, and we talk in both languages (English-Spanish). We learn idioms, phrases and expression that maybe we are not going to learn in class. I enjoy going to Intercambios Club, because every time I go there I learn new things and have fun, so I don’t want to miss any class. Thanks a lot to Mrs. Lina Crocker for creating this club and also to my dear American friends for attending the club and sharing your experiences with me.   

Student Testimonial

Going to Lincoln's House by Lilliana Saa, Ecuador, Level 6

Learning English as Second Language is not only about knowing how to read or write.  In other words, we must know the background and culture about the language that we are learning.  Today, I had the great opportunity of visiting the place where the most famous and well-known man and president of the United States was born.

As an international student, I learnt more about Abraham Lincoln.  This man is known historically worldwide as the President who amended the Constitution for giving the black slaves freedom.  But, nobody thinks about his background.

Abraham Lincoln was a poor boy.  He had to go to school with his sister and walk for about one mile to get there. He learned how to read and write using just a stick as a pencil and the soil as a piece of paper.  Lincoln helped in the household chores in his house.  He was a great speaker.  He didn´t have a wealthy family, but he had values.  When he was young, he realized how the slaves were mistreated.

Student Testimonial

Going on Trips by Ibtihal, Saudi Arabia, Level 6

I am thankful for trips organized by CESL like the Underground Railroad Museum, because they help me to expand my knowledge of US history, and in some way this really changes my perspective on life and develops who I am! I really enjoy participating in these trips, and I recommend that each student should be a part of them.

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Student Testimonial

My First Snowfall by Liliana, Ecuador, Level 6

I never imagined that one day I would see how the snow settles on the ground.  Since I was a child, I always dreamed how the snow would be, how the weather is in those countries with four different annual seasons. Some years later, I have had this opportunity to try out my childhood dreams.

This dream begun a few months ago.  The first step was to apply for the scholarship, then I had to take a placement test, after having an interview.  My heart was beating when I received the good news.  I was awarded with a full scholarship to study in the United States.  I was so excited but at the same time a little worried, since I didn´t know if I could get used to the cold weather.

Student Testimonial

My City by Mohammed, Saudi Arabia, Level 4

I was very excited to study and complete my major in America. I think I came to the right city and to the right university. Before I came to Kentucky I didn’t know about this state at all I had never heard about it. My friends asked me some questions about my studying trip to the USA and they asked me about the city I going to. When I answered that I was going to Kentucky my friends started laughing at me. They thought I was joking, but I was serous. I said that I didn’t say a joke and that I was going to Kentucky to study and complete my major.