New students are required to arrive early for check-in. Students are required to take the Placement Test and attend all Orientation Sessions on the dates noted below. Travel plans should take test dates into consideration.

Fall I 2020

New Student Arrival: Saturday 8 August
Classes Begin: Monday 17 August
Classes End: Wednesday 7 October

Continuing Student Break: 8 - 11 October 

Fall II 2020

New Student Arrival: Saturday 3 October
Classes Begin: Monday 12 October
Classes End:  Tuesday 24 November

Continuing Student Break: 25 November - 24 January

Spring I 2021

New Student Arrival: Monday 18 January
Classes Begin: Monday 25 January
Classes End:  Wednesday 17 March

Continuing Student Break: 17 - 21 March 

Spring II 2021

New Student Arrival: Wednesday 17 March
Classes Begin: Monday 22 March
Classes End: Friday 14 May

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