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New Student Orientation


View Orientations Slides to prepare.


Virtual Orientation - REQUIRED



Arrive Prepared:

1. Have you activated your Student Account? First Time Activation

2. Do you know your LinkBlue username and password? Reset Password and/or Account Manager 


What is the difference?

Student ID Number is important for Campus Services (gymnasium, events, library, etc.).  When you talk with campus staff, they will often ask for this number, and it will be on your UK Student ID Card: Wildcard Information.

LinkBlue Username and Password are important for online services (Campus Wi-Fi, payments in myUK, class grades/assignments/announcements in Canvas, etc.).  Every day you will need these to log in, so either memorize them or save them on your phone.


Need technology help?

Schedule an appointment with our Technology Staff

If you want us to come to the appointment, 

add this in the Notes section:

"Please add 

to this meeting to assist me, 

as I am a limited English speaker."



3. Complete the online Virtual Orientation.

  • Log in using your LinkBlue username and password.
  • This must be completed by the end of the Virtual Orientation.  If you have any questions, you can email us at or ask us in the Virtual Orientation.


What will we discuss?

1. Technology & Websites

2. Arriving to Kentucky

3. Arriving on Campus

4. Confirming Class Registration via the online Virtual Orientation form


Campus Orientation - REQUIRED



Arrive Prepared:

  • Make sure you have with you:
    • Your Passport
    • $20 (US dollars cash/ credit card) – This will pay for your Student ID card.
    • Devices you want to connect to Wi-Fi (phone, computer, iPad/tablet, etc.)

What will we discuss/see?

  • Tour of essential campus buildings
  • First Week expectations (bill payments, health insurance, classroom etiquette)
  • Class schedules