English for Academic Purposes

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English for Academic Purposes:
Language Support While You Study Your Major

About The EAP Program

This new program is designed to prepare international undergraduate students academically and culturally for the challenges of university life.

Can any UK student sign up for these classes?

Yes, you can. Many students take these credit courses to get support for their English skills. You can choose the skill you want to work on and sign up for a specific skill class, class, or take multiple classes.

The theme is partnership!  To prepare students for academic work and to inspire them to explore opportunities for collaboration, the in-coming, international scholars in the EAP Program learn hands on about collaborative processes, past and present and exciting, ongoing collaborative research at UK. The University of Kentucky wants to be their partner - now and in the future - to face the world’s challenges together.

The course content features texts, academic articles, video interviews and live-interviews and conversations with cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural teams who are doing just this—solving the world’s problems through collaboration.

Students will experience the inspiring and creative work of teams of individuals working together to solve challenging problems. Teams featured run the gamut from the multi-national team in UK’s own engineering department that developed a new welding feedback technology so airplane engines don’t fall off anymore to the multi-national team of scientists who chose to work as volunteers to win the race to decode the human genome. 

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